Vehicle For sale/trade rules. to start 09/20/2010

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Vehicle For sale/trade rules. to start 09/20/2010 Empty Vehicle For sale/trade rules. to start 09/20/2010

Post by Tyler on Sat Sep 18, 2010 1:39 pm

Ok guys, Here is the deal. When posting Cars/trucks/bikes/ Huffies/ect. for sale (F/S) or for trade (F/T) please post the follwoing with your thread.

-Title needs to be short and to the point
-Price ( regardless of if it for sale or for trade so others have an idea of what it is worth)
-Accurate description/conditionVIN ( only the first 8 are needed)
-Modifications if applicable-Pictures (This is non negotiable)
-If this vehicle has an engine swap a block code is required.
-Appropriate contact method ( PM/Cell number/Email/ smoke signal)



Here is a templet to use if needed.

Threads may be bumped every 3 days.

Buyers be aware that runs off of Caveat emptor, or Buyer Beware. We are not responsible for any part of the selling and/or purchasing of these part/products/ services/ cars/ trucks/ ect.

Failure to comply with these rules will result in the following course of actions.
1st step, will be a warning from a Mod or Admin and have 12 hours to comply with the above rules.
2nd step, after 12 hours your thread will be locked and you will have to contact a mod or admin to have it unlocked.
3rd step, after 48 hours your thread will be deleted.

Any attempt to Skirt these rules, sell stolen property, or complaining about your thread being locked/deleted due to non compliance will result in a vacation.

When selling for a friend the seller assumes all responsibility, and is liable if problems arise.
These rules are subject to change without warning to the user.

If a nigerian bank manager contacts you about your car, or someone wants you to ship, It is a SCAM and should be treated as such.

Try not. Do or Do not.

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