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How To Change Oil Empty How To Change Oil

Post by John on Thu Sep 16, 2010 12:05 am

This is pretty much automotive basics. Its one of the first things anyone will ever learn how to do with a vehicle next to driving and pumping gas.

In this guide I've used a 2009 Honda Accord. The basics are the same for most vehicles, so this guide will cover most cars on the road.

Difficulty - Easy
Time - 15 - 30 minutes

Things you will need :
- Jack
- Jack Stands
- Sockets / Wrenches
- Oil Filter Pliers
- Oil Catch Pan
- Rags
- Funnel
- Oil
- Oil Filter

Jack up your car and support it with jack stands. You can use drive up ramps to make things a little easier. After you get the car up in the air, open the hood and take off the oil cap.

How To Change Oil Pbucket

How To Change Oil Pbucket

How To Change Oil Pbucket

2 -

Find your oil pan. A lot of newer cars have aluminum oil pans so they are silver. Most older vehicles have steel pans that are painted black. On the bottom back side of your oil pan there is a bolt in the middle of it. This is your oil drain plug. Honda cars and trucks use a 17mm socket or wrench to take out the oil drain plug. Remove this bolt and your oil will start draining out into your oil catch pan. This can be kinda a messy thing and if you just got done driving your car, the oil will be pretty hot. To the average person, it will probably burn like hell when it hits your hands. I'm use to hot oil hitting my hands so it doesn't really bug me anymore. No matter how hot it feels to your skin, its not going to leave burn scars or anything like that lol. It may help to wear some rubber gloves or something if you don't want to get too dirty. After the oil is done draining, put the drain plug back into the oil pan. When you get the drain plug tight with the socket / wrench, be sure not to over tighten it....especially on aluminum pans. You can easily strip out the threads for the drain plug. If you do this the oil pan will have to be replaced. The plug just has to be a little bit past snug tight. If you have a torque wrench, usually about 15lbs of torque is good.

How To Change Oil Pbucket

How To Change Oil Pbucket

3 -

Locate your oil filter. Depending on what brand filter it is, it might be orange, white, blue, black, yellow, or just about any other color. To remove your filter, it just twists off. If its tight you may need a pair of filter pliers to get a good grip on it. When you install your new filter, make sure you lubricate the rubber gasket on it with new oil. This does two things - it helps make it easier to remove next time you do an oil change, and it helps the gasket seal better. Just like the oil drain plug, the filter doesn't need to be extremely tight. Usually get it snug then turn it another quarter of a turn. NEVER use filter pliers to tighten an oil filter, only do it by hand. The blue thing in the pictures above is the oil filter. The picture below is called the oil filter spindle. Make sure the gasket from the old oil filter is not on there still before you put your new filter on.

How To Change Oil Pbucket

4 -

Go back to under the hood of the car. Use your funnel and add your oil into the car. Start the car and back it off of the ramps if you used ramps. If you used jack stands, lower the car and then start it. Let it run for about 15 seconds and then shut it off. Go back to under the hood and check your oil. Make sure you put your oil cap back on before you close the hood and take a quick look at the ground under the car to make sure you're not puking out oil and you're done.

How To Change Oil Pbucket

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How To Change Oil Pbucket
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