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Post by John on Wed Sep 15, 2010 12:27 am

As any other community has, we have our own rules. Please keep these in mind when posting here on TunerAtlanta.com

TunerAtlanta.com is a PG-13 website. This means no obsessively foul language, no nudity, no drugs, no violence, and no illegal activities (this includes but is not limited to illegal street racing).

Most of us here on TunerAtlanta are full grown adults. Please act accordingly. Don't flame other people, don't start internet fights. Arguing over the internet is like the special Olympics....win or lose you're still retarded.

In no way is TunerAtlanta responsible for the content on this site. Even though the staff are here to moderate what is kept up on this site, its not possible to catch everything. Each individual poster is responsible for the content that they post to this site.

TunerAtlanta is not responsible for the actions of individual members at meets. Members are responsible for their own actions. We may be able to moderate what is posted on this site, but in no way can we control what a person does out in public.

While attending a TunerAtlanta meet or function, please keep in mind that car groups already have a bad enough image. Please behave responsibly so you can help give us a good image, rather then a bad one.

Do not advertise your own personal web page or other forums on this site please. If you would like us to advertise you on our site, arrangements can be made with either broknindarkagain, Trini, or Wazzy.

When posting pictures, please try to keep out nudity, drugs, or any sort of violence.

Talking bad about the police will not be tolerated. They have a job to do, and if we start bashing them all day on the internet....its just going to lead to them giving us a hard time.

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